Public Agenda
TYPE: Work Session
DATE: 5/8/2020 TIME: 12:00 PM
LOCATION: Meeting held via Zoom
At this time, in-person School Board Meetings, Work Sessions and Committee Meetings have been cancelled through June 10, 2020. In accordance with Va. Code § 2.2-3708.2(A)(3): Any public body may meet by electronic communication means without a quorum of the public body physically assembled at one location when the Governor has declared a state of emergency in accordance with § 44-146.17, provided that (i) the catastrophic nature of the declared emergency makes it impracticable or unsafe to assemble a quorum in a single location and (ii) the purpose of the meeting is to address the emergency. The public body convening a meeting in accordance with this subdivision shall: a. Give public notice using the best available method given the nature of the emergency, which notice shall be given contemporaneously with the notice provided to members of the public body conducting the meeting; b. Make arrangements for public access to such meeting; and c. Otherwise comply with the provisions of this section. Notice of meetings held electronically are posted on the ACPS Calendar and on the School Board Meeting page under the section on meetings held during COVID-19. This meeting may be watched live on Comcast Channel 71 in Alexandria or through a link on the School Board Meeting webpage.
Call the Work Session to Order
Discussion Topics
1. FY 2021 Combined Funds and FY 2021-2030 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Budget Work Session Info