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Meeting Date: 3/4/2022 - 7:00 PM
Category: School and Community Relations
Type: Info
Subject: Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council
ACPS 2025 Strategic Plan Goal:
Goal 3: Student Accessibility and Support
ACPS will ensure students have equitable access to and engagement with programs and supports that reduce barriers to learning.
Goal 5: Family and Community Engagement
ACPS will ensure that all families and community members feel welcomed, respected, and valued.
Policy: JFB - Student Involvement in Decision Making
Funding Source or Fiscal Impact (where applicable)
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220403_Board_Brief_Superintendent’s_ Student_ Advisory_Council.pdf
Agenda Item Summary: In the fall of 2021, the superintendent discussed with the Department of School and Community Relations, the formation of a Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council (SSAC) designed to engage students in issues of importance and utilize their insight in the decision-making process for ACPS. The SSAC will be composed of students from each high school campus and will reflect the diversity of the school division.

The first meeting is scheduled for March 23, 2022, with a second meeting planned for late May/early June 2022. Meetings will be approximately an hour and a half in length and held during the high school lunch period. King Street Campus students will attend in-person with students from other campuses joining virtually. Students will be selected to participate through an application process with a maximum of twenty-six students serving on the SSAC.

The agenda for meetings will be established in advance with the superintendent and, while a portion of the agenda will be devoted to providing students with pertinent division information and soliciting their feedback, the majority of the time will be designated for the superintendent to hear from students about their issues and concerns.
Background: ACPS has previously had at least one version of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council concept and thus, this iteration is a relaunching of the concept. Research indicates many school divisions nationally support some form of this concept with most neighboring school divisions providing this opportunity to better involve students in learning more about the functioning of the school division, offering input on upcoming initiatives and providing feedback on issues most directly impacting students.
Recommendation: The Superintendent recommends the School Board review the information in this brief. The team plans to provide updates as the concept is implemented.
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Julia Burgos - Chief of School and Community Relations
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Dr. Gregory C. Hutchings, Jr. - Superintendent