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Meeting Date: 6/16/2022 - 6:30 PM
Category: Communications & Addresses to the Board
Type: Info
Subject: Anne R. Lipnick Awards for Specialized Instruction
ACPS 2025 Strategic Plan Goal:
Goal 2: Instructional Excellence
ACPS will ensure that all students have access to and engagement with high-quality instruction.
Goal 5: Family and Community Engagement
ACPS will ensure that all families and community members feel welcomed, respected, and valued.
Policy: IGBA - Programs for Students with Disabilities
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Agenda Item Summary: This annual celebration, sponsored by the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) and the Office of Specialized Instruction, also honors Anne R. Lipnick, an individual who tirelessly advocated for the needs of ACPS students with disabilities.
Background: Anne Lipnick, was a social worker, parent support specialist, and advisor to families of children with disabilities in Alexandria City Public Schools. She was the first Director of the ACPS Special Education Parent Resource Center. For more than 10 years, Mrs. Lipnick counseled innumerable families as they navigated the emotional, social, and educational hurdles that accompany having a child with special needs. The challenges posed by her own child’s disabilities and learning challenges sparked her desire to help others navigate the education system. She was a beloved friend, advocate, and voice for underrepresented individuals, and a strong supporter of inclusion of people with disabilities in the general education environment and community at large.
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