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Meeting Date: 11/12/2021 - 7:00 PM
Category: School and Community Relations
Type: Info
Subject: Customer Relations Management System
ACPS 2025 Strategic Plan Goal:
Goal 5: Family and Community Engagement
ACPS will ensure that all families and community members feel welcomed, respected, and valued.
Policy: KA - Goals for School-Community-Parent Relations
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Agenda Item Summary: The Office of Community Partnerships and Engagement is proud to provide an update regarding the implementation of a comprehensive customer relations management system that will serve as a reliable resource for families, community members and staff who have questions, feedback or concerns to share with the division.
Background: The 2019 Communications Audit showed dissatisfaction with the accessibility of division staff
to respond to inquiries, comments and complaints. Given the implications that timely and transparent communication has on the division’s perceived trust, the audit included a recommendation that ACPS launch a customer relations management system that would streamline the routing process for incoming inquiries, provide consistent messaging about division-wide issues, and assist the division in identifying areas of needed growth and address those deficiencies through training and/or staffing. To this end, Ask ACPS was launched on October 8, 2021 to make it easier for families and community members to submit questions
and comments on a range of division-wide issues and get a timely response.
Families, staff and community members are invited to submit their inquiries and comments to Ask ACPS by emailing or by visiting to complete
a feedback form available in English, Spanish, Amharic and Arabic. To date, 123 inquiries have been fielded by our community engagement team which provides clear, accurate, and timely responses based on previously published information or by sharing the inquiry with aligned
staff to determine the best way to proceed.
In addition, the Department of School and Community Relations worked with the Department of Technology Services and a management consulting firm starting in December 2020 to configure
the Salesforce Service Cloud customer service management system to create work flows that:
• Increase the division’s ability to ensure follow through
• Reduce unread or unmet requests in inboxes
• Establish a repeatable system for questions, complaints and issues.
The Office of Community Partnerships and Engagement is also actively recruiting for an external relations specialist to help fully implement and expand the system to not only respond to inquiries and share constituent feedback across departments, but to also identify areas of opportunity for customer-service training. A comprehensive communications plan for Ask ACPS will be rolled out after this position has been filled.
Recommendation: The Superintendent recommends that the School Board review the memo on the Customer Service Management System.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Kurt Huffman - Executive Director, Community Partnerships and Engagement
Signed By:
Julia Burgos - Chief of School and Community Relations
Signed By:
Dr. Gregory C. Hutchings, Jr. - Superintendent