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Meeting Date: 4/22/2021 - 5:00 PM
Category: Old Business and Action Items
Type: Info
Subject: Human Resources Audit Update
ACPS 2025 Strategic Plan Goal:
Goal 1: Systemic Alignment
ACPS will build a culture of continuous improvement and design equitable systems for school and instructional improvement.
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Agenda Item Summary: The Human Resources (HR) Department continues to make progress on the recommendations of the 2018 HR Audit. To date, the HR Department has completed 18 of 25 recommendations. This report is the sixth in a series of quarterly updates.
Background: The Gibson Consulting Group completed a functional performance audit of the HR department in September 2018. The findings and recommendations were presented to the Board on October 11, 2018. The HR Department provides quarterly progress reports to the Board until progress on the recommendations is complete.
Recommendation: The Superintendent recommends that the School Board review the HR Audit Update.
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Dr. Gregory C. Hutchings, Jr. - Superintendent