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Meeting Date: 1/22/2021 - 7:00 PM
Category: Accountability and Research
Type: Info
Subject: Winter SOL and WIDA ACCESS Assessment Update
ACPS 2025 Strategic Plan Goal:
Goal 2: Instructional Excellence
ACPS will ensure that all students have access to and engagement with high-quality instruction.
Policy: AE - School Division Goals and Objectives
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Agenda Item Summary: Federal and VDOE requirements still necessitate the in-person administration of the SOL and WIDA ACCESS assessments during the 2020-2021 school year. Due to the pandemic, the division, in collaboration with VDOE, will transition a majority of winter high school SOL assessments to spring 2021. The division will issue a decision by the end of January on the potential use of Local Alternative Assessments in place of the spring 2021 SOL for specific courses where VDOE offered that flexibility. Based on additional VDOE flexibility, the WIDA ACCESS assessment window has been expanded to include administration through early May.
Background: Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) has been actively collaborating with the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) to meet current state and federal assessment requirements within SY 2020-2021. The Standards of Learning (SOL) and WIDA ACCESS for ELLs assessments, typically administered in the winter months, are still only allowed by VDOE to be administered in-person. The division is working hand-in-hand with VDOE to align in-person assessments with the overall transition plan back to in-person learning. This brief updates the School Board to current division planning, timelines, and implementation of in-person assessments and for SOLs additional emergency flexibility offered by VDOE.
Recommendation: The Superintendent recommends that the School Board review this brief to remain informed of the current planning and timeline for federal and state required in-person SOL and WIDA testing.
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Dr. Clinton Page - Chief Accountability Officer
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Dr. Gregory C. Hutchings, Jr. - Superintendent