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Meeting Date: 12/14/2023 - 6:30 PM
Category: New Business and Reports to the Board
Type: Info
Subject: Update on New ACPS Logo
ACPS 2025 Strategic Plan Goal:
Goal 1: Systemic Alignment
ACPS will build a culture of continuous improvement and design equitable systems for school and instructional improvement.
Goal 4: Strategic Resource Allocation
ACPS will strategically provide differentiated resources and supports to schools and departments.
Goal 5: Family and Community Engagement
ACPS will ensure that all families and community members feel welcomed, respected, and valued.
Funding Source or Fiscal Impact (where applicable)
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Agenda Item Summary: The Office of Communications is preparing to launch a new community feedback form on the new ACPS logo in the December 8, 2023 “Express” and “Insider.” The form will be open from Friday, December 8 to December 18, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. Following this feedback period, the superintendent will share the final recommendation to the School Board at a January meeting for acceptance. This will allow the Office of Communications to launch the new logo in 2024. The feedback form will invite all ACPS stakeholders to provide input on the two logo options that represent the mission, vision and core values of ACPS in a functional and new design. The Office of Communications will publicize the feedback form through the division wide newsletters as well as social media. In addition to providing community members with the two logo options, the Office of Communications will include the story and meaning behind each logo. Rationale for Logo Option One: Logo Option One incorporates the George Washington Masonic National Memorial which was inspired by the lighthouse of ancient Alexandria Egypt and designed to reflect the lighthouse in Ostia, Rome. The idea was to spread knowledge, which is symbolized by light, a fitting nod to ACPS. The design also incorporates the water that surrounds Alexandria and translates into a pencil to symbolize learning at the tip of the shield. Rationale for Logo Option Two: Logo Option Two combines a school house with a person. It puts the focus on the student. The different shaded pieces represent coming together for the whole student. The blue, yellow and white colors reflect the ACPS school division.
Background: The Office of Communications restarted this process based on School Board feedback in June 2022. The Office of Communications presented the options to the Senior Leadership Team for feedback and narrowed it down to two options. Subsequently, the superintendent shared the logo options with the School Board prior to sharing two logo designs with the community.
Recommendation: The Superintendent recommends that the School Board become familiar with the plan for the ACPS logo redesign that aligns with the school division’s goals and contributes to the overall brand refresh.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Julia Burgos - Chief of School and Community Relations
Signed By:
Dr. Melanie Kay-Wyatt - Superintendent