Public Agenda
TYPE: Work Session
DATE: 12/6/2023 TIME: 6:30 PM
LOCATION: School Board Meeting Room
DETAILS: CIP Add/Delete Work Session #1
School Board Meeting Room 1340 Braddock Place Alexandria VA 22314 School Board Work Sessions are held in-person for School Board Members with some staff joining the meeting through Zoom. If you have questions about the meeting format, please contact the Clerk of the Board at or 703-619-8316. School Board Work Sessions are broadcast live on cable channel 71 in Alexandria or may be watched live on the School Board Meetings webpage under Watch Meetings Live. Alternately, you may join the meeting through Zoom, by copying and pasting the link below to your web browser. Upon registering, a link will be provided to you in order to join the meeting.
Call the Work Session to Order
1. Call to Order Info
Discussion Topics
2. FY 2025-3024 Capital Improvement Program Add/Delete Work Session #1 (Documents will be posted on 12/1/23) Info